Why You Like It: The Science and Culture of Musical Taste by Nolan Gasser

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  • Why You Like It: The Science and Culture of Musical Taste
  • Nolan Gasser
  • Page: 720
  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
  • ISBN: 9781250057198
  • Publisher: Flatiron Books

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Free ebook in txt format download Why You Like It: The Science and Culture of Musical Taste

From the chief architect of the Pandora Radio’s Music Genome Project comes a definitive and groundbreaking examination of how your mind, body, and upbringing influence the music you love. Everyone loves music. But what is it that makes music so universally beloved and have such a powerful effect on us? In this sweeping and authoritative book, Dr. Nolan Gasser—a composer, pianist, and musicologist, and the chief architect of the Music Genome Project, which powers Pandora Radio—breaks down what musical taste is, where it comes from, and what our favorite songs say about us. Dr. Gasser delves into the science, psychology, and sociology that explains why humans love music so much; how our brains process music; and why you may love Queen but your best friend loves Kiss. He sheds light on why babies can clap along to rhythmic patterns and reveals the reason behind why different cultures across the globe identify the same kinds of music as happy, sad, or scary. Using easy-to-follow notated musical scores, Dr. Gasser teaches music fans how to become engaged listeners and provides them with the tools to enhance their musical preferences. He takes readers under the hood of their favorite genres—pop, rock, jazz, hip hop, electronica, world music, and classical—and covers songs from Taylor Swift to Led Zeppelin to Kendrick Lamar to Bill Evans to Beethoven—and through their work, introduces the musical concepts behind why you hum along, tap your foot, and feel deeply. Why You Like It will teach you how to follow the musical discourse happening within a song and thereby empower your musical taste, so you will never hear music the same way again.

Why do people have such different music tastes? - BBC Science
Across all cultures, we seem to like certain note combinations and respond similarly to certain clapping patterns. But when you unpick music at more complex  Food, music and politics: The interweaving of culinary taste patterns
This article addresses two key debates in cultural sociology: one on coherent lifestyle patterns Culinary taste patterns are closely related with 'highbrow' musical taste and politically . Social Science Information 20(1): 1–35. Kjaernes, U (2008) Regulating Food Consumption: Studies of change and variation in Europe. Why You Like It: The Science and Culture of Musical Taste by Nolan
Why You Like It book. Read 6 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. From the chief architect of the Pandora Radio's Music Genome Project Why You Like It: The Science and Culture of Musical Taste - Kindle
Why You Like It: The Science and Culture of Musical Taste - Kindle edition by Nolan Gasser. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or  5 Ways Your Taste in Music is Scientifically Programmed | Cracked
No matter how science tries to take the magic out of life, there are certain things You don't need lyrics to know what "sad" music sounds like -- imagine . developing neural pathways to recognize the music of your culture. Can Bad Taste in Music Ruin a Relationship?: Scientific Study Finds
Why do I like rock and why do you like country? Why does anyone like country, actually? Kidding! We kid, because we love. Seriously  Nolan Gasser: Events/News
At the moment (May 2015), the book—Why You Like It: The Science and Culture of Musical Taste—is about halfway completed, and Nolan is  You May Also Like: Taste in an Age of Endless Choice by Tom
To ask other readers questions about You May Also Like, please sign up. .. Shelves: meta, miscellaneous, music, movies, nonfiction, science, skepticism .. He also draws on neuropsychology, technology, philosophy and cultural studies to  How Shapes & Sounds Can Change What You Taste - culture: the
“Alert, brain,” says the ears, “you like that song.”) But the Her company, Musical Pairing, built the formula into a smartphone app and tested it in popup dinners around the country. Want more about the science of taste? Are music preferences a matter of individual choice? To what extent
People tend to listen to and remember music that they like, but they also remember music . This can be noticed, in effect, in cultures where syncopation became a It's not that I have no particular taste as it is a case of playing what will pay. .. To what extent does education assume the scientific advances achieved in the  What your musical taste says about your personality
You're probably an empathiser. Why is it that the music that we like can make others agitated? whether someone studies maths and science, or humanities at university. . Why culture, not race, determines tastes in music. Musical nostalgia: The psychology and neuroscience for song
Why do we love the music we heard as teenagers? Musical nostalgia, in other words, isn't just a cultural phenomenon: It's a neuronic Daniel Levitin, the author of This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human  Is 14 a 'Magic Age' for Forming Cultural Tastes? - The New York Times
What music, movies or books did you love at that age? This obviously helps to determine the cultural taste of individual but doesn't merely . Now that it is explained with science as well, I am completely convinced that the 

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